A customer’s first impression of a brand will often determine whether or not that customer will purchase your product or service. Visual displays are typically the first contact a customer has with your brand, so it is extremely important to keep a current and consistent image. This can prove to be a difficult task for many. Visual merchandising plays a major role that is frequently overlooked in many businesses. It is second only to effective customer service relations.

ProFab employs only the most experienced specialists to manage and implement your visual display strategy.  It is our goal to create an image that induces your customers’ willingness to buy. Nearly eighty percent of human impressions are affected by sight; this is why your visual display strategies should be focused around a central theme.

Based on the specific needs of your brand, your display program may need to be altered every few weeks or few months. Our team can quickly change your visual displays throughout your business, whether in a single store or across multiple locations. It is typical for changes to be made at all of your locations within a short period of time in order to maintain a consistent corporate message. ProFab has the ability to set up your new and dismantle your old displays as specifically instructed or according to your company’s plan. For your convenience these services can be completed before, during, or after store hours.