Space planning is an essential component of the architectural process. It requires understanding how people will live, move, and interact with each space in the design. In the space planning process, our professionals will assist in determining the project circulation patterns and develop layouts for the placement of furniture and equipment. The goal of space planning is to maximize the utilization of the available space in an efficient way for the client, depending on their needs.

Some architectural spaces can be open, adaptable, and allow for flexibility, while others can be intimate, private, and exclusive. Each project is unique to our client’s specific requirements. ProFab considers many parameters for each space planning project. Work flow circulation, building codes, disability access, security, privacy, and flexibility to accommodate future space needs are just a few of the variables considered by ProFab when planning the design. By understanding the client’s current needs while accounting for potential space needs in the future, ProFab is able to make ordinary space planning into exceptional space planning!