At ProFab, we understand that choosing a location for your business is complex. This decision entails many factors and details, such as logistics, customer base, labor, real estate, and incentives. Choosing the proper location can be difficult, even if you know where to start.

Luckily, we are here to help you with the entire process. We will sit down with you and perform an advanced location analysis. This analysis will support the process that will lead to a maximum return on investment for your selected location.

We service a wide variety of clients, including small businesses, contact centers, manufacturing, or those seeking new headquarters. Our location advisory services can help you understand detailed factors to help optimize your operation’s performance.

A Mix of Tools and Talent

Because of our desire to provide the highest level service, we use a successful mix of analytical tools, experience, and talent. We also continue to build and maintain a robust, high-level data set, along with analytical models to assist in decision making throughout each step. These models, combined with our knowledge of markets and geography, can deliver a successful strategy for your business. Our entire team is dedicated to providing the best in research and skill to give you the information and assistance you require for informed decision making.