When managing multiple locations or working on various projects, it will likely become difficult to track the progress and accuracy at each of your sites. ProFab can assist in gathering various types information for our clients and return it to you quickly to save you time and help better track of each of your locations. This is done by completing a local site inspection or audit.

The main objectives of an audit are to assess how well the completed outputs aligned with the projected outputs and goals and to inspect the documentation associated with the project to ensure quality. Audits are typically completed between the project realization stage and the completion of the project. The audit will allow you to obtain photographs of the site, uncover space restrictions, determine fixture placement, and ensure that the project meets your specifications.

If at any time you need to collect information on your locations, our team of experienced inspectors will physically visit each of the required sites to obtain that information and deliver it to you in a timely manner. Audits are an important factor when analyzing the success of a project. They allow you to efficiently and effectively track the progress at each of your locations. Regardless of your needs or budget, ProFab has the systems and resources in place to help complete your project correctly and efficiently.

For those clients who only have a single building to manage, we are still happy to provide our expert site audit services to ensure that your project is completed to your specifications. At ProFab, we help all manner of clients – big and small – create the perfect space for success. Contact us today to get started!