Clients seeking a true luxury home builder can now turn to ProFab to create exquisite homes in various upscale residential areas in some of the most beautiful communities in the country. For custom luxury homes, a regular contractor and home builder won’t suffice. ProFab assigns each client an architect who specializes in custom homes and who will work with the client to create a dream home come true.

Professionally Guided Design

Offering the latest advanced technology for blueprinting future luxury homes, each client can watch their dream unfold before their eyes. Architects are on hand to help guide each homeowner as they work on the enjoyable process of drawing up and designing their ultimate home design. Homeowners need not worry about any of the process, as a member of the ProFab team will walk them through each step with unlimited options and constant support. ProFab takes pride in providing superior service to each one of their clients. We offer clear and realistic deadlines so that each homebuilder knows what to expect and when to expect it and we work hard to meet each of those deadlines as promised.

After drawing up your blueprints with your architect for your new luxury home, the exciting stage of picking out all your high end textiles and materials begins. Most homeowners enjoy this stage the best, but it can also be challenging with so many options to choose from. With on-hand design experts who have helped design countless luxury homes for other clients, homeowners will have experienced help and guidance as they work through the process of picking out each element of style and comfort for their home.


With a close proximity between the building site and the actual ProFab offices, the design team is able to make numerous trips to check on the quality and integrity of the build quickly and efficiently while keeping efforts timely. Sometimes unexpected delays arise due to weather or other issues beyond anyone’s control, but the team strives to communicate regularly so that homeowners are always aware of the progress of their future home.

If you’re interested in building a fully customized luxury home, give ProFab a call today! Our experienced team is ready to help you design the home you’ve always wanted. We are here to guide you through every step of the process.