At ProFab, it is our objective to ensure each client can effectively experience their design. This is done by creating detailed renderings, models, 3D, and CAD which allows the client to view and interpret their project in a way that is simple to understand. The objective of each hand-rendered sketch is to display the project in a way that captures the unique artistic vision. This includes visually demonstrating the project’s qualities, character, and use.

ProFab has the ability to provide clients with print-ready digital images of the design and will archive copies of the image in common file formats such as .GIF or .JPEG. The professional renderings provided by ProFab can also be utilized for promotional materials, publications, trade show displays and online usage. This allow clients to continuously market and showcase their design visually throughout the duration of the project.

ProFab can also supply clients with a three-dimensional model of their design. This architectural representation provides an in-depth display of the product’s design and functionality. Developed using elaborate coloring, details and landscaping, these models are created to enhance the client’s perspective of the project and the surrounding area on a more detailed level.