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Joe Trednic



Joe Trednic, the founder and president of ProFab development, is a multifaceted and experienced entrepreneur and developer with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. By cultivating a wide range of talents and experience, as well as true insight into the construction buildout process for a variety of industries, Mr. Trednic conceived and built ProFab: the leading company for architecture, general contracting, construction management, and material supply.

A creative and visionary leader with strong leadership and managerial skills, Mr. Trednic demonstrates a long track record of building markets that generate solid revenue streams, as well as true success in the construction industry. Furthermore, he is dedicated to high quality customer service – a dedication stemming from his desire for true customer satisfaction – and is an avid team builder in the workplace.

Mr. Trednic graduated from University of Wisconsin, with a degree in Economics and a minor in Business, before establishing ProFab as the leading construction buildout company for Turnkey Solutions. Utilizing his years of experience in the construction industry, Mr. Trednic and ProFab began helping reduce lead times for opening franchise locations, all while providing effective and efficient architectural design solutions for business owners and developers. Just a few of the happy clientele he has serviced in the past include Orange Theory Fitness, Work Out Anytime, Elements of Fitness for Women, Grimaldi’s, Thinique Medical Weight Loss, Joint Chiropractic, Hypoxy, and many other major brands.

A true entrepreneurial visionary, Mr. Trednic has helped change the franchising industry, saving time and money for the construction build out process through many of the techniques he has developed. And with these efficient construction practices, he created ProFab.

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