Layouts and space planning is an important factor when managing nearly every project. ProFab works to create unique site plans and layouts for each of your company’s locations. We have the ability to do this by working in conjunction with our site locations or as a standalone service.

Once your guidelines and specifications for the project are set, our interior design and store planning team will accurately design a space that meets your requirements. We will then take a site survey and create a layout drawing of the space that includes your specifications and any existing features, or work with you to create a project that is completely unique. ProFab also has the technology available to take a floor plan and create a three-dimensional rendering to establish a more realistic view of the final product’s characteristics and functions.

At ProFab, we take on this task with a high attention to detail. While it is important to ensure your space is adequate for current project, it is also very important to plan for your company’s space needs in the future.