ProFab is a new professional general contractor company with experienced employees who have served the healthcare industry for years. As the go-to general contractor for many clients in the area, countless healthcare businesses have been built with the highest quality materials and with the help of some of the most professional builders and designers in the business.

Healthcare construction requires a unique ability to serve not only the clients, but the many patients who will rely on the building to serve their needs for years to come. Recognized as a strong new face in the healthcare design business, ProFab incorporates new technologies and developments in building to provide the best possible facilities for an industry that depends on staying on top of modern methods.

ProFab’s Keys to Design in Healthcare

As smaller sized clinics are being built in larger numbers to help support growing populations and become more accessible to people in their various communities, the requirements of sound healthcare facilities have also adapted. Today’s facilities must be able to support the growing demand for healthcare while also working to keep patients out of hospitals when possible and help to get them healthy. Some key elements are necessary when building a successful healthcare construction project. Some of these elements include:

  • Sustainability
  • Innovation and value engineering
  • An evidence-based, well thought out design
  • A plan for long-term support for your facility as it continues to grow and develop over the years

ProFab works under the strong belief that in building smart, the world will be a healthier, more pleasant place to live, and each project reflects that belief. With healthcare design, the ProFab approach is based on thoroughly researching the needs of current medical buildings to offer a holistic response that aids the healing process. This is done through integrating innovative technology methods to promote patient wellbeing.

Contact ProFab to Get Started

Whether you’re looking to build a soothing healing garden space, a high-tech research lab facility, or something in between, ProFab has the people and the passion for creating the perfect property to suit each client’s needs. View some of our sample work and contact us to get started on the process of learning more about how we can help you.