ProFab has formed an experienced team of highly skilled graphic installers who are based locally in all major metropolitan areas across the country. We are proficient with installations of a variety of material types including vinyl, ceiling banners, wallpaper murals, and large-format graphics.

At ProFab, we have the ability to efficiently roll-out your seasonal graphic changes throughout your buildings, whether that be a single business or chain. We can also install barricades and handle all of your 3M products. Our team of professionals will visit the site prior to installation to complete measurements and confirm that the space is adequately ready to receive your graphics.

In order to maximize the project’s overall utility, ProFab uses a premier routing software to plan installations in the most logical sequence. This service is designed to maximize savings, consolidate reporting and maintain a consistent appearance during our roll-out planning and implementation process. The presence of these graphics in metropolitan areas can greatly assist in sales growth and brand recognition.