Creating a retail environment that is unique and consistent is an important factor in increasing a company’s brand recognition throughout all of their locations. One way to differentiate your company or small business from your competitors is to use fixtures and millwork to display your products or services in an interesting way.

ProFab’s excellent team can install fixtures, cabinetry, free-standing elements, and any other objects that go into creating your unique retail environment. While we do specialize in multiple store roll-outs, we are just as able to install the complete interior of the retail space at your flagship locations.

Our installation crews all work locally, eliminating the need for travel or any additionally incurred costs. This makes it simple for our clients to work side by side and easily communicate any ideas or concerns with our crew.

After the installation has been completed, our crew will review a detailed checklist of the installation with the members of your on-site management staff to ensure that the installation is acceptable and meets each of your requirements. The crew will then photograph the installation and upload them to our simple and convenient web reporting software.