earth-661447_640 In today’s modern world, we understand how important it is to many of our clients that their projects make minimal impacts on the environment. Whether it be working with them to find the best sites that will lower the environment impact, or helping them find green-friendly electronics and similar items, we are dedicated to employing the best eco-friendly practices.

Going Green

You will find eco-friendly practices both in our offices as well as for our projects. We want to ensure that we are decreasing our impact on the environment. Here’s a look a just a few of the steps we use:

  • Job Site Recycling – We recycle many materials found on the job site, including cardboard packing and shipping materials, metal and plastic from fixtures, and any additional recyclable materials that can be kept out of the landfills.
  • Low VOC Materials — We use low VOC adhesives, cleaning materials, and paint when it is applicable to minimize potential contaminants in the space.
  • Carpooling/Mass Transit — We urge our employees to carpool to and from jobsites. Additionally, we urge our employees to walk, cycle, or use public transport during their commutes to work.
  • Reduce Paper Usage — We use post-consumer paper with minimal chlorine bleaching. We use “waste” paper for scrap, and every publication is requested to be in electronic form.
  • LEED certified — Our offices are LEED certified. We strive to use natural light when possible, and we use LED or CF bulbs.
  • Optimized Computers/Electronics — When possible, our electronics and computers are optimized to conserve energy, and they are always turned off at the end of each day.

Eco-Friendliness is Our Goal

At ProFab, we know that protecting our environment and conserving energy is of utmost importance. In addition to our own conservation efforts, we also assist our clients in choosing materials and steps to help their new businesses be as energy efficient as possible. We understand that creating an environment-friendly space may not be at the top of their list; however, we want to provide the service and knowledge that can help our clients and their spaces become as eco-friendly as possible.