Design development services from ProFab entails a thorough process that involves both planning and problem solving. Our expert team provides the highest levels of project management that will take the entire project from start to finish and will define both form and function.

This process is performed with constant owner input in coordination with design and other study models. We know that the design needs to evolve until it meets the owner’s needs and desired results. We want to present a project that we are confident in building, with complete owner satisfaction.

During the development process, ProFab will provide specs and detailed drawings that bring together design and code compliance diagrams. Additionally, we will prepare a detailed statement of estimated costs, which is broken down by major trade functions. We also offer option design services that may include lifecycle cost analysis, 3D modeling, energy cost estimates, and project renderings.

The Development Process


Profab Steps


We work directly with each client during the entire design and build process. The development process will begin with site selection, which relies heavily on client input. Through a detailed research process, ProFab will then create a set of documents that will be used to request bids from contractors. Additionally, we will prepare detailed plans that will customize the chosen site location. Other development processes including delivery of plans to architects, permit applications, and supply and installation of materials and furnishings.

Overall, ProFab will oversee the entire process from bidding to construction. Our clients will receive management tools and advice and help in the selection of contractors, along with minimizing cost and markup. At ProFab, we want to help our clients save as much money as possible. We also want to create the shortest possible construction and build time in order to get your business up and running as soon as possible.

Providing the Best Results

ProFab is committed to providing each and every client the best possible results. We use our experience, knowledge and skills to drive each project so that all clients will receive results that exceed expectations.