As construction administrators, the architects at ProFab will review all the necessary construction documents and track the progress of the project. Having an effective construction administrator will lessen the risks associated with the project, uncover and resolve any issues within the project at the earliest possible point, and allow us to act as a consultant to help supplement the client’s knowledge and answer any questions that may arise through the construction process.

During the construction of each of our projects, ProFab will physically complete multiple site observations to ensure that the highest level of quality is maintained. We will also work with the project consultants and contractors to review samples and submittals. Using the data collected by the on-site operations, ProFab is able to accurately review the project to determine how efficiently and successfully the project is progressing.

This service is often very useful to clients who need to track progress of multiple locations. As the number of location sites increases, the more difficult it becomes to effectively track the progress at each. ProFab is devoted to assisting our clients in every possible way. If information is ever needed, regardless of the size or type, ProFab will physically visit any or all of a client’s locations and return the collected information to them in a timely manner.