In order to ensure that your project is effectively executed, it is vital to obtain an accurate site plan that annotates any changes that may differ from your original design. ProFab employs an experienced team of site surveyors in every major market in the country. Our team has the ability to survey, document, and take photographs of the space.

ProFab will then use the surveyed information to render an As-Built drawing of the site. As-Built drawings will be used throughout the project’s construction phases to ensure operations run seamlessly. As-Built drawings can range in quality from a basic hand sketch to a complete set of architectural AutoCAD renderings with MEP and elevations. Regardless of the level of details required in the As-Built drawing, ProFab is devoted to delivering these renderings to you in the fastest way possible.

At ProFab, we are passionate about making each project as easy as possible for our clients. Using a web-based reporting system, we are able to provide you with on demand viewing and printing of their drawing. We offer the best way to organize, track, and store your drawings, photographs, and checklists in a single, secure location.