At ProFab Design, we employ a team of professionals who are passionate about what they do. They are experienced and talented in all aspects of design, including a wide range of building styles. We are committed to providing the best to our clients.

Architecture Services

Architectural Design — The professional architects at ProFab Design are detail-oriented and have a passion for inventive design. These team members are experienced at creating unique and practical designs for our clients.

Space Planning — This design aspect takes into account how people live, move, and interact with a particular space. These spaces can encompass intimate or private areas, while others can be open and adaptable. We understand and present spaces that reflect a client’s needs, along with future potential uses.

Coordination — The overall design implementation requires qualified craftsmen, tradesmen, and artisans throughout the entire process. These individuals and teams are required to perform to exacting specifications. Therefore, ProFab Design coordinates all schedules and deadlines to provide an efficient working environment to successful completion.

Renderings, Models — Clients will receive sketches and CAD plans that will allow them to completely understand the overall design. Renderings capture the vision in terms of aesthetic, character, and use. Additionally, these models and renders can be used in marketing materials and online usage.

Interiors — Building interiors bring together space and design to reflect the design sensibilities, materials, and space. ProFab interior design teams will produce spaces that both inspire and comfort, all under the umbrella of the client’s style.

Administration — ProFab design professionals will coordinate and administer the entire process from initial review to permit applications, as well as conduct on-site visits to maintain quality during the construction phases.

Additional Services

We incorporate requirements and plans to provide services to speed up the entire process and assist our clients. In addition to the above services, we provide:

  • As-builts and space plan at no charge
  • Stamped architectural docs
  • Stamped MP&Es
  • Field revisions (included with architectural set)
  • Acting as a resource to GC and subcontractors

We use our expertise and national buying power to provide processes that can lower costs and shorten build times. Let us use our experience to your benefit.